On-Demand Pantheon Workshops

Learn more about our SaaS platform including highly useful integrations, going-live best practices, and the ways you can leverage Pantheon to innovate websites for better results. Watch our training videos now.

Getting Started on Pantheon

Learn how developers, project managers, and marketers work together to build amazing digital experiences on the fastest and most reliable WebOps platform. 

Command Line Interface with Terminus

Our command line interface, Terminus, enables advanced interaction with Pantheon. Learn how to run Drush and WP-CLI commands and automate important (or mundane) tasks.

Automate and Integrate with Quicksilver

With Quicksilver, tap into any workflow on Pantheon. Learn how to automate config imports, sanitize cloned databases, and integrate collaboration and project management tools (or anything with an API). 

Website Performance with Varnish, Redis, and New Relic

Learn how Pantheon helps your website run faster. Discover how to cache pages on the Global CDN and see how New Relic monitors site performance and sends alerts when things are going slower than usual.


Going Live Best Practices

Launching a website on Pantheon is easy! In this workshop, observe best practices from our Developer Relations team that ensure you’re prepared for success during your new website launch.