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Top WordPress Resources - Part 3

Doing Cool Stuff with WordPress Multisite - 6 Resources

What are some cool things you can do with WordPress Multisite? In this latest roundup, we collected some of our top resources on nifty things you didn't know you could do with Multisite - or perhaps didn't know how. From multi-language versions of your site, to managing websites for multiple physical stores, theming, and plugins that will make your Multisite life easier.

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Multilingual Multisite

Make Your WordPress Site Multilingual: 9 Awesome Translation Plugins

Having an address on the internet highway is the surest and fastest way of reaching a global audience. And so, most people serious about connecting with a worldwide viewership or customer base have websites of their own. In building their websites, a good number have used WordPress as their Content Management System.

The Ultimate Guide to Multilingual WordPress: WPML VS Polyland VS Multisite

It's so confusing to understand how to build a multilingual site using WordPress. That seemed odd to me, given that building a site with WordPress is so simple. The reason for this difficulty is that WordPress was originally developed as a blogging tool, and not as a complete CMS solution.

Multiple Stores

Using WordPress Multisite to Manage Multiple Store Locations and Optimize Visibility

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the internet right now and not only does it work great for running a single site, it also works well to run multiple sites through the ease of one WordPress install and admin. So why run one website, when you can run multiple?

Multisite Theming

Theming With WordPress Multisite

I was recently asked to do some WordPress development on a set of two sub-sites that would nest under a main site. It seemed like a good chance to try out WordPress multi-site. However, as per everything, there are gotchas that you find out when actually implementing a new feature.

Add Unique Favicons for Multiple Blogs Under WordPress Multisite

Adding a favicon to a static web page is simple. An icon file named favicon.ico is created and placed into the same directory as the page. But what about when the web page is a WordPress Multisite blog?

Multisite Plugins

Top 10 Essential Plugins for WordPress Multisite Networks

10 plugins that will help you enhance your Multisite network and improve it's functionality - plugin managers, user management, shared media, UI enhancements, and more.




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