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Why Pantheon

Run your site on the fastest hosting on the planet & get more out of your development dollars.

Pantheon came highly recommended as the best solution for both Drupal and WordPress, and it’s performed flawlessly.

Konstantin Kostadinov, Senior IT Manager, Oceana

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The Fastest Hosting on the Planet

A finely tuned, container-based system that gives you unmatched performance.


Pantheon delivers the fastest page load speeds for Drupal and WordPress sites. We smoke the competition in independent benchmarks.


You get reliable uptime for your sites, even at high traffic. And for important sites, our Elite plans offer guaranteed uptime backed by an SLA.


Our container-based platform is more efficient and reliable than VMs or clusters. Harness the same cutting-edge technology used by companies like Google, Salesforce, and Facebook.


Scale your site easily without downtime or infrastructure migration, and handle traffic spikes like an enterprise boss without breaking a sweat.

Drupal Hosting - response time in seconds See the report

  • AWS 8.3
  • Acquia® .18
  •  Pantheon 0.05

WordPress Hosting - response time in seconds See the report

  • GoDaddy .43
  • WP ENGINE .42
  • Pantheon.26

(Shorter is better).

Best-in-class security

Our proactive security measures and built-in defenses keep your site protected in a hostile internet.

One-click updates allow you to deploy patches faster than with any other provider.

We keep your site safe with industry-leading denial-of-service and network intrusion protection.

Pantheon provides immediate response and prevention to announced vulnerabilities.

Industry-leading security features like SSL, SAML SSO integration, role-based permissions & automated backups keep your site safe.

Expert Support

Expert Support

Rest easy knowing a world class team of Drupal and WordPress developers is always available to help.

  • Get unlimited access to world-class Drupal and WordPress experts.
  • 24x7 support availability for rapid responses to your tickets.
  • Get personalized onboarding and a dedicated launch team with Elite plans.

Boost your team’s efficiency

Get more out of your development dollars to drive your business forward faster.

  • With Pantheon’s cloud-based development tools for teams, your developers will have higher productivity and fewer setbacks.
  • The Pantheon workflow means faster development and review cycles, so you can iterate faster.
  • Your team can stop wasting time dealing with repetitive sysadmin tasks and get back to developing new features and improving your site.
Expert Support

Looking to hire an agency?

Whether it’s time for a redesign or you need maintenance or support for your site, Pantheon’s network of over 2000 partner agencies can help. Provide us a few details about your project and we’ll connect you with one of our trusted agencies until you find the perfect match!


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