What is WebOps?

In today's market, the ability to quickly adjust messaging, release new features, and convert your audience online gives you a significant competitive advantage. Yet this involves focused collaboration across disciplines, and many web teams are struggling with breaking down silos to work together in a remote-only world.

The rise of WebOps (website operations) is empowering everyone who touches the website to own it, de-risking collaboration between marketers, developers, designers, and copywriters. Using WebOps, you have the tools, workflows, and stability you need to take control of your technology stack and focus on the work that matters.

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Christy Marble
Chris Wu
Web Developer
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Alex Vasquez
Principle & Co-Founder
Alexandria (Lexy) Ray
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Manager
Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
Nick Barber
Senior Analyst
Jennifer Ready
Founder & Partner
Narwhal Digital
David Dashifien Kees
Web Application Developer
Georgetown University
Elissa Fink
Former CMO
Joep Leussink
VP of Growth
Sarah Fruy
Director of Online Marketing
Zack Rosen
CEO & Co-Founder.
Justin Weyman
Senior Manager, Web Products
Share Our Strength
Tara King
Developer Outreach Manager
Jason Wilson
Managing Director of Brand & Marketing,
Share Our Strength
Carolyn Shannon
Manager, Technical Documentation
Steve Persch
Techinical Product Marketing Manager
Nathan Tyler
Product Manager
Josh Koenig
Head of Product & Co-Founder
Kyle Letterle
Program Manager - Agile Team
Sam Creek
Director, Revenue Systems

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Day One | Keynote
Growing Momentum Through Change
Zack Rosen, CEO, Pantheon
10:05 AM PT
Day One | Keynote
Introducing the WebOps Keys
Josh Koenig, Head of Product, Pantheon
10:25 AM PT
Day One | Keynote
No Kid Hungry Responds to Coronavirus
Jason Wilson, Head of Brand, Share Our Strength
Justin Weyman, Head of Website, Share Our Strength
10:55 AM PT
Day One | Business
Fostering a Growth Mindset
Joep Leussink, VP of Growth Marketing, Pantheon
11:35 AM PT
Day One | Technical
[Sneak Peak] Pantheon Roadmap & Autopilot
Nathan Tyler, Product Manager, Pantheon
11:35 AM PT
Day One | Business
Iterating with Focus to Drive Digital Results
Sarah Fruy, Director of Digital Experience, Pantheon
12:10 PM PT
Day One | Technical
How Developers Collaborate Remotely Using Multidev
Tara King, Developer Outreach Manager, Pantheon
12:10 PM PT
Day One | Keynote
A New Approach to Reebok's Website with an All-remote Team
Alex Vasquez, Co-Founder, DigiSavvy
1:00 PM PT
Day One | Keynote
Meet Your Audience Where They Are With Meaningful Content
Christy Marble, CMO, Pantheon
1:35 PM PT
Day Two | Keynote
Optimizing Your Martech Stack
Elissa Fink, Former CMO, Tableau
10:05 AM PT
Day Two | Keynote
Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Decoupled Architecture
Steve Persch, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Pantheon
Jennifer Ready, Founder & Partner, Narwhal Digital
10:40 AM PT
Day Two | Keynote
How Higher Education is Changing
Chris Wu, Web Developer, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
David Kees, Senior Fullstack Developer, Georgetown University
11:25 AM PT
Day Two | Business
Websites: Your Best Digital Product
Josh Koenig, Head of Product, Pantheon
11:50 AM PT
Day Two | Technical
Expand Your Reach with Accessibility Testing
Carolyn Shannon, Manager of Technical Documentation, Pantheon
11:50 AM PT
Day Two | Business
WebOps Pillars of Success
Sam Creek, Director of Revenue Systems, Pantheon
12:10 PM PT
Day Two | Technical
Industry Trends & The Next Generation of CMS
Josh Koenig, Head of Product, Pantheon
Nick Barber, Senior Analyst, Forrester
12:10 PM PT
Day Two | Keynote
Killing the Website Replatform
Kyle Letterle, Program Manager - Agile Team, FFW
1:00 PM PT
Day Two | Keynote
Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in The Workplace
Alexandria Ray, Accomplice for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
1:35 PM PT

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Visit https://pantheon.io/webops-summit-2020 and click any Register button, fill out the form, submit, and you’re good to go!

Do I get registered for both Days?

Yes you get registered for both days! If you miss a session or day, don’t worry! The recording will be made available to you after the event.

Will I receive a confirmation?

Yes! You will receive a confirmation email immediately. We will send login information closer to the event.

What does the event cost?

Nothing! This is a free event.

Where is the event?

Wherever you are! This event is completely virtual and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room.

Who should attend?

Marketing and Technical website leaders in any industry

Why should I attend?

You should attend because we know you don’t want to get left behind as we redefine marketing with WebOps! You’ll learn how to pivot your digital strategy, create unique customer experiences, and streamline your marketing operations to create impact and drive change.

What technology do I need to attend?
  • A device (laptop is ideal, but a tablet or mobile device will also work)
  • Zoom desktop app or web browser
  • Webcam with a Mic/headset (if you’re interested in networking and participating in breakout sessions)
Where do I find the link to log in?

A landing page with the event links will be added here soon.

Will the sessions be recorded and available?

Yes! All sessions will be recorded and sent out to all registrants following the event.

Where can I learn more about the content presented in the sessions?

You can find more content and resources at pantheon.io/resources and pantheon.io/blog.

Who can I contact with issues with registration or login?

Please contact events@pantheon.io if you run into any issues registering or logging into the Summit. (Login instructions will be coming soon!)

WebOps Summit 2020

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