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Serverless CMS

Use WordPress and Drupal to deliver sites with unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability. 
Publish in real-time and take control of your roadmap with minimal operational overhead.

Create rich, innovative digital experiences that scale seamlessly.

Expediently integrate your Martech stack using freely available components and leverage a vast pool of global talent to deliver results, improve SEO rankings and increase conversions with fast and dependable website solutions, customized to your use case.

Previously there were many things we wanted to do, but the way our site was structured didn’t allow it. Now we can focus on our business, supporting the company from a marketing perspective, instead of infrastructure.
Nancy Gruwell , VP of Marketing at HDR

Serverless CMS Features

Create rich, innovative digital experiences that scale seamlessly.


Automated Update Detection

Never miss a WordPress or Drupal update with our fully automated detection technology. Identify critical core CMS releases as well as community-contributed modules and plugins to keep your site up to date.


Hands-off Visual Regression Testing

Confidently approve updates and ensure site integrity with our exacting multiple environment testing. Validation includes testing updates in a Multidev environment and Visual Regression Testing (VRT) fine-tuned for WordPress and Drupal sites.

OOTB Workflows

Zero-Configuration Workflows

Effortlessly track success and confidently receive alerts as Autopilot runs updates to your core WordPress and Drupal CMS solutions with built-in guided workflows to improve site security, stability, and features.

Building and 
Innovating Digital Experiences in Parallel

Patch accesses new markets in minutes, utilizing Pantheon to support continuous growth and scale without worrying about infrastructure.

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