Automated Workflows

Empower your web team to develop, test, and launch new sites in real-time
with industry-standard Git-based workflows.

Collaboration Workflow Features

Integrated Version Control

Say goodbye to cowboy coding without slowing anything down. Work directly on Pantheon to rapidly prototype or debug new functionality, while still maintaining version control over all code changes.

Multidev Cloud Environments

Get on-demand cloud development environments with guaranteed production parity, that allow your your team to branch, review, merge, and ship—without any blockers.

Pantheon’s development workflows have drastically improved our efficiency and given us the DevOps tools we need to kick off and deliver new projects on time.
Weston Ruter , CTO, XWP

Manage Drupal & WordPress Sites From a Central Dashboard

Worry-free backups, one-click core updates, and controls for website standards make managing multiple projects more efficient than ever.


Learn how to build, launch, and manage websites on the fastest and most reliable hosting platform.

Centralized Management Features

Triggered Notifications

Automatically receive alerts through the Pantheon dashboard, email, mobile, or platform of your choice through Quicksilver Hooks.

Automated Updates

Easy-to-apply updates with built-in testing environments ensure quick security fixes with confidence.

Automated Backups

Nightly automated backups of your site’s database, files, and code are stored and created by job workers also running in the site's region. Additionally, any database or file clones between site environments are run by regional job workers.

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