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In this updated post, originally written by Sarah Fruy, learn how Pantheon’s Agency Match and Partner Directory can help your business create an exceptional digital experience by pairing you with the right agency.  

At Pantheon, we believe that WebOps is a team sport. Smooth cross-functional collaboration is crucial to driving results, and for most web projects that collaboration extends across multiple partners, agencies and technology providers. That’s why we put as much passion into building the right partnerships as we do into delivering the fastest, most reliable WebOps platform. 

Our partnerships are all aligned around a common goal of delivering extraordinary results for our customers. We work closely with the best creative, digital and web development agencies to help fast-track our customer’s path to success and get the most value out of Pantheon’s WebOps platform. Whether you’re looking for a more effective digital strategy, tighter security, enhanced website performance or the ability to quickly iterate, we’ve got an agency partner for you.

Finding the right Pantheon partner is simple with Pantheon's Partner Directory, where you can discover agency partners for web projects of all types and sizes. You can browse all partner listings or filter by type of service, your industry, your preferred CMS or your location.

Do you need help in selecting an agency? Pantheon can eliminate the guesswork and introduce you to some of our top agencies. All of our recommended agencies are vetted by our team and bring the same customer-first, passionate approach to delivering extraordinary results. 

The agencies in our Agency Match program are selected based on your needs, and have completed Pantheon’s platform training, and are trusted to deliver outstanding service. You can get custom recommendations by filling out our Agency Match request form. Once we learn about your project or needs, we’ll provide introductions to two to three agencies that best fit your project requirements.

How Customers Collaborate with Our Partners

Pantheon partners can be leveraged for any number of website projects, with the following use cases being most requested by our customers:

  1. Website Performance: Pantheon Partners ensure that a customer’s site stays fast and functions well. And if their websites are failing to meet performance targets, they can course correct.

  2. Security: Partners can take on the responsibility of quickly testing and applying security updates. This lets the customer focus on driving results.

  3. WebOps Maturity: Pantheon Partners are experts at helping teams work cross-functionally. They are also skilled at establishing processes for making regular and frequent website updates and iterating on the customer experience. 

  4. Digital Strategy: Pantheon Partners have experience and expertise in working closely with customers to define and execute the digital strategy that works for them. 

  5. Design & Branding Capabilities: Pantheon Partners can help companies develop a new brand identity, evolve their current branding, and even help a company rebrand on the Pantheon platform without a total rebuild.

  6. Usability & Accessibility: Pantheon Partners can perform accessibility audits and remediation, implement automated testing, as well as help in CMS development to enforce accessibility best practices.

Often customers need help addressing multiple challenges at once, as was the case with LeafHome, which turned to Pantheon and our partners Digital Polygon and Redstamp Agency to address needs across their portfolio of sites.

Check Out Featured Pantheon Partners 

Aten Design Group

Aten was started with a simple goal: use a good design and effective technology to empower mission-driven organizations seeking to make a positive impact. Since then their team of strategists, designers and developers have been focused on helping human rights advocates, health care workers, public policy reformers, educators, conservationists, cultural heritage institutions, artists, governments and others do exactly that. 

Learn more about Aten Design Group

Four Kitchens

Four Kitchens is a transformative digital agency that builds impactful websites, design systems and apps for ambitious organizations. They specialize in digital content experiences for universities, nonprofits, and publishers. Their client partners include NBC, the New York Public Library, Stanford University and Public Radio Exchange.

Learn more about Four Kitchens


COLAB is a full-service digital agency, specializing in the strategic design and development of websites and cloud-based applications. They offer services ranging from digital strategy to custom applications and integrations. Their clientele spans a broad range in size, from small businesses to large corporate clients. 

Learn more about COLAB

Kanopi Studios

Kanopi Studios designs, builds, and supports websites for clients who want to make a positive impact. Clients choose Kanopi as their digital agency because of their deep expertise, careful balance between custom and contributed solutions and their thoughtful approach to being innovative while minimizing technical debt. Clients include Stanford University, Physicians for Human Rights and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. 

Learn more about Kanopi Studios


Mediacurrent defines, designs and delivers websites, platforms, and experiences. They help organizations across industries create digital products that provide utility to users, build value for businesses, and advance technology. Mediacurrent has a successful track record of helping some of the most name recognizable brands in the world adopt and support an open-source software-based web strategy including The Weather Channel, Georgia Tech, The National Basketball Association (NBA), Yale School of Management, Harvard University, Habitat for Humanity, and 

Learn more about Mediacurrent


XWP offers on-demand product teams that deliver performance-oriented WordPress solutions for some of the world's biggest storytellers. Over the past decade, XWP has collaborated on some of the industry’s most ambitious and successful WordPress projects, including complex mass-scale migrations and engineering. They’ve worked with the likes of Google, News Corp, and Rolling Stone to bring richer technologies and user experiences to their clients and business.

Learn more about XWP

Discover More Agency Partners 

To see our complete list of agency partners, visit the directory or request an Agency Match

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