Adopt WebOps to Avoid Initialism Overload

Ok, it's been a few years of explaining “Why ‘WebOps.'" We at Pantheon think WebOps is the word that clarifies the changes needed to make websites and web teams more successful. One slide, in particular, has become my go-to tool for highlighting the painful breakdowns in communication that happen when chasing problems on a site.

As much as I enjoy (and I really do enjoy) presenting this slide at increasing speed and the chuckles it usually solicits, I wanted more. I found myself wondering: "Do people really get that these problems are real?"

Sure, I crafted this slide making a list of initialisms (acronyms are a different thing) that start with C and then I rearranged them until I got a plausible sequence of events. But the slide is funny because it's true! These are the real problems of website operations. And so I did what any sensible person (with a background in theatre and sketch comedy) would do: I wrote a scripted version of this slide in verse.

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Four Steves, three of whom know what CSS stands for

I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it. While it spends most of the time covering the pain points of a team operating outside of a WebOps mindset, it's a little short on concrete recommendations for what to do next. For that advice, I'll point to